I’m Lax, an IT specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field both as a customer and technician for various IT services.

Project Host

This website has been created as a part-time project and also as a necessity. The name has been inspired from the popular YouTube channel Project-Farm

Project Host is designed with the simple unexperienced customer in mind, who wants a simple recommendation and some fancy star-rating, but also for the more advanced power user who is looking for some nerdy stats, resource allocation, hardware details, loading speeds and artificial benchmark results that will probably never resemble a “real-life” scenario (or close to one).


The purpose of Project Host is to thoroughly test a hosting company (staff’s knowledge and response times) and their shared hosting services (hardware used, technologies, software configuration, etc) in order to provide an in-depth review based on a clear and detailed methodology.

Generic hosting reviews website

If you are here, you probably are tired of such high-star reviews just like I was.

  • lowest price on the market (compared to what? what’s the price?)
  • excellent performance (again, vs. what? what is the definition of excellent?)
  • 365/24/7 customer support (this must be specified? not a norm in 2019?)
  • WordPress Optimized (what’s the difference vs. the “unoptimized” hosting?)
  • impressive server speed (again…)

And so on.


We will not test:

  • every hosting company in the world
  • every hosting package
  • every available location

What we will test:

  • the basic/entry-level/cheapest hosting package*
  • only one popular location in either America or Europe

*-with a price cap of maximum 15$ / month on a monthly billing plan. If there is a bigger than 10% difference in resource allocation between packages, an upgrade to the next package & retest might occur if it remains within the price cap



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