“Shared 1G” 8$/year

BuyShared‘s website is simple, easy to use and intuitive. Their main focus is shared and reseller hosting. Their shared hosting comes with cPanel and the prices are ranging from 8$ to 18$ per year. Reseller hosting uses the DirectAdmin control panel and their price varies from 2$ to 7$ per month.

BuyShared together with BuyVM are sub-brands of the Frantech Solutions company.

Today we are going to test their cheapest available plan within a quite rare location.


Hosting plan

We are going to review their Shared 1G LU plan which is located in Luxembourg, Europe. For a different location, Shared 1G LV plan is also available in Las Vegas, USA.

The package comes with the following features and resources:

  • 1 GB SSD space
  • 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Addon Domains
  • Unlimited FTP & Email accounts, MySQL databases
  • Dedicated IP
  • Free SSL by LetsEncrypt
  • LiteSpeed web server
  • 1GB of Virtual/Physical memory; 100% CPU, Entry processes 20, Number of Processes 100, I/O 25 MB/s, 1024 IOPS


Their servers come with a quite beefy configuration (minimum):

  • CPU: 2 x E5 2660v1 (32 cores)
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • SSD: 3.2 TB NVME storage
  • 1Gbps uplink

Upon checking the “Server Informations” section within cPanel, the server does not seem to be overcrowded or overloaded.

Server Load8.98
CPU Count32
Memory Used53.57%
Disk / (/)48%


For the sole purpose of seeing their response time, I have submitted a ticket on Sunday at 8:39 Pacific Time. Their first response was within 6 minutes (presumed automatic):

Our Sales Department is open between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST Monday through Friday, and 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST Saturday. Closed on Sunday and US holidays.

The second (and actual) response was after 1 hour and 56 minutes, followed by my reply and their third response which was within the next 7 minutes. Overall I would say their support is Very Fast.

Payment methods & Refund policy

  • PayPal (3 days refund eligibility)
  • Credit Cards & Debit Cards (3 days refund)
  • Bitcoin via Bitpay (NO refunds)
  • Alipay (NO refunds)


GTMetrix (loading speed) "Shared 1G" 8$/year

We were able to obtain an average of 3.32s loading speed, with a minimum of 3.1s and a maximum of 3.5s (from 5 samples).
This is a decent loading speed, taking into consideration the initial size of our page (3.22MB)

But since this server utilizes LiteSpeed as a web server, we can also benefit from LiteSpeedCache. "Shared 1G" 8$/year

After installing the corresponding plugin and configuring it accordingly, we have obtained an average loading speed of 1.52s, with a minimum of 1.3s and a maximum of 1.6s.
This is roughly 50% faster compared with the previous results. (stress test) helps us stress test the website by using multiple concurrent clients to simulate a real-world traffic spike. "Shared 1G" 8$/year

Our initial uncached results were…sad, the test website was able to handle a maximum of 6 concurrent/simultaneous clients for roughly 30 seconds before becoming unreachable or timing out.

After reenabling our LSC plugin, we have reanalyzed our website: "Shared 1G" 8$/year

This time the results are nothing but amazing. Our WordPress site was able to handle a maximum of 1614 concurrent/simultaneous clients and was able to withstand this traffic for a minute, during which the error/timing out rate was just 8% (8 out of 100 clients were receiving a time-out when loading the page)
In English, by using a caching plugin combined with the LiteSpeedCache we were able to increase our traffic spike endurance by 260x

Artificial Benchmarks

By using the scripts presented in our Methodology we have obtained the following timings:
Bench1.php average (5 samples):

  • PHP: 1.135s

Bench2.php average (5 samples):

  • PHP: 0.544s MySQL: 0.968s

Summary and overall Pros & Cons

For 8$ / year (0.66$ per month) you can’t go wrong with BuyShared/Frantech.
This is perfect for a small website or a medium (but optimized) blog.


  • LiteSpeed
  • Dedicated IP
  • Server is not overloaded
  • Very Fast Support


  • Short refund policy
  • Support via tickets-only

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